Western Zhou Dynasty: 1027 BC – 771 BC

In about 1027 BC the Zhou, people living in the west of China conquered the Shang. The Shang had not ruled a very large part of present day China but, with the addition of the Zhou lands, the area was huge. During the Western (early) Zhou Dynasty, not much changed from the Shang and they adopted their farming and writing methods. They declared that a Mandate from Heaven (Tien-Ming) had been given to them as they were virtuous as opposed to the corrupt Shang. The Zhou King handed out bits of territory to family members and favourites in his court and there was an emphasis on personal loyalties, military obligations from vassals and a code of chivalry concerning conduct in battle similar to the much later European feudalism. In non-military society, too, there was a similar code with complex rules of etiquette called li.

Life was not peaceful with many invasions from barbarians and finally the military pressure together with a rebellious vassal forced the Zhou to move their capital eastwards to Luoyang in 771 BC and so ended the Western Zhou Dynasty and began the Eastern Zhou.

The third campaign in Emperor, called Turbulent Winds, covers both parts of the Zhou Dynasty. The Shang people have lost their heavenly mandate so the Zhou people are now ruling. You start in the capital of Hao, keeping a watchful eye on the other cities then move to Anyi where you learn about producing salt both for the people and for export. You are sent to the Ordos Desert to establish an outpost at Yulin and try to create a buffer against the nomads from the Northern Wastes however, finally, the Xiongnu break through and sack Hao.

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