Southern Song Dynasty: 1127 AD – 1279 AD

The Southern Song Dynasty continued with the reforms started under the Northern Song. The first manmade gardens appeared, moveable type and printing presses were invented, as were the compass, gunpowder and even rocket propelled spears. Rapid economic development enabled them to strengthen their defences but unfortunately they hadn’t learned anything from their previous experiences and, to secure their borders, they allied themselves with the Mongols who came from the Gobi Desert. Unfortunately they didn’t realise that the Mongols were far more dangerous than the Chin and the Dynasty fell to the Mongols under Genghis Khan’s grandson, Kublai Khan, in 1279.

An alliance with the Manchurians has spelled disaster as they have turned on the Song and over-run northern China and a new Jin Dynasty has been born in the north. You are to build a new capital and fortress at Zhongdu. Trouble is coming, however, with the emergent Mongols conquering country after country. There is a long narrow pass protecting the capital and here you must build part of a new Great Wall which must be completed before the Mongol hordes attack. Your success leads you to be promoted to the Imperial Council and you are required back in Zhongdu. You have to expand the city quickly as Genghis Khan has found a way round the wall and is advancing on the capital. You succeed, and China is safe again.

There is also a wall-building co-operative Multiplay mission, The Jin Great Wall. You need to hare resources with other cities to enable you to complete the wall before the Mongols arrive.

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