Western Jin Dynasty: 265 AD – 316 AD

Although short and full of conflict, the Western Jin Dynasty was a period when the country was unified once again. However, the new Emperor Wu gave land and titles to many of his relatives for their help in his victory. The Jin was based on the heredity of nobles so the privileged were protected and conflicts between the aristocratic families increased impairing the power of the government. After his death it all started to fall apart. The struggle for power continued in the imperial court with eight dukes waging war against each other, ruining the economy and weakening the overall power of the country. China was in chaos again and the Xiongnu, so long a problem in the north of the country, took advantage and captured the capital, Luoyang and imprisoned the emperor. The Jin survivors fled to Chang-an where they crowned another Emperor but the Xiongnu captured Chang-an too signalling the end of the Western Jin Dynasty and a further 272 years of disunity.

The short bonus campaign, Emperor Jin Wudi available from Sierra’s site, is set at the beginning of this Dynasty. Your first task is to rebuild the economy, shattered by years of warfare.

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