The Three Kingdoms

The fall of the prestigious house of Han has resulted in a fierce struggle for power. Now three powerful kingdoms each proclaim their leader to be the rightful heir to the Han throne. In the north, encompassing the Yellow River valley, is the kingdom of Wei. South of it, containing most of the fertile Yangzi River, lies the kingdom of Wu. To the west is the land of Shu. With the strength of each of these kingdoms being roughly equal, it may take many years of strife-filled disunity before one can establish a new hegemony.

Competitive mission
1 to 8 players (in 3 factions)
You need to be the first to conquer 2 cities plus have a population of 2800 with 1000 of them in at least Ornate Apartments to win this mission. Its cities are divided into 3 factions. You are trade partners and allied with other cities in your faction from the start, whether they have players or be computer controlled cities. If for instance only 3 people are playing you could choose to all be in the one faction and attack other computer controlled cities or you could each choose to head a separate faction. Ornate Apartments are the 2nd highest common housing level. Both common and elite housing are available.


Rule 2 Cities
1000 People in Ornate Apartment or better
Population of 2800

Faction 1

  • Chengdu    humid
  • Pa    temperate

Faction 2

  • Changzhou    humid
  • Guangzhou    humid
  • Jiankang    humid

Faction 3

  • Luoyang    temperate
  • Xianyang    temperate
  • Yen    temperate

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