The Magnificent Tang

Noble Emperor Taizong, son of Tang Gaozu, resides in the Imperial Palace. Under his gifted leadership, China has been returned to her rightful position as a great world power. Along the Silk Road trade caravans once again trek nose-to-tail. In the cities, learned scholars gather to study the ancient classics, and artists create beautiful paintings and calligraphy. It is truly a time of glory! But on every horizon there looms a storm, and on our borders barbarians await an opportunity to despoil our civilization. Build a large and beautiful city, but do not neglect its defenses.

Competitive mission
up to 8 players
A competitive mission with a fairly high elite housing goal suited to those who like to build wonderful cities. Heavenly Compound is the highest elite housing level in Emperor. You also must meet a population goal of 3300, have a hero in your city for a total of 24 months minimum and find 8 animals for your Menagerie from around China. Depending on how you play and respond to other cities it could either be peaceful or have some military.


Population of 3300
24 months of Heroes
100 People in Heavenly Compound or better
8 Menagerie Animal Types Required


  • Chang-an    temperate
  • Changzhou    temperate
  • Chengdu    temperate
  • Dunhuang    arid
  • Guangzhou    humid
  • Luoyang    temperate
  • Niya    arid
  • Wuzhou    humid

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