Emperor Heaven Stafflist

Angel Jayhawk
Seraph (Webmaster)
EMail: jayhawk@heavengames.com

I started visiting Caesar 3 Heaven back in December 1998. Angel Alexander I, who at that time worked for the same company lent me his Caesar 3 CD and said:
“Have a look at Heaven.”

I spent some time playing the game, wondered at stories of people like Marty Party, Reckless Rodent, and quite a few others. I got involved in some discussions about housing layout and created a set of glyphs to make this easier. Sometime later, Alexander came over again and said:
“I really enjoyed your Egyptian travelogue. It felt almost as if I was reading an Agatha Christie mystery. We have opened a new bit of Heaven, called Pharaoh Heaven. Have a look and tell us what you think.”

So I fired up my browser, late in February and was lost. I’ve always loved Egypt, much more than this Roman age and in a forum that was virtually my own I felt extremely comfortable.

Early May I got an email from Angel Reckless Rodent asking me to become a cherub on the site. I thought about it for a day and decided to accept the honours. Two weeks later I got promoted to Angel and started working on the CaesarĀ 3 news.

Pharaoh was released and Pharaoh Heaven exploded. I got promoted to Seraph. Pharoah was followed by Zeus and Draco convinced the Halo to add a site for Age of Wonders, a game I enjoyed playing as well, so I ended up giving him a hand here and there.

Stronghold, another game I beta-ed did indeed become a Heavengames site and and it was a pleasant surprise to be accepted as its Seraph. Its sister game Crusader is next on the site.

Then Emperor came along and I seemed the obvious choice to have the site under my wings. I gathered most of the long time City Builder staff and added a few more cherubs, all of whom have a long history with the City Builder games.

Angel VitruviusAIA
Content writer and Table Wizard
EMail: Vaia@Heavengames.com

Before Emperor, the only computer game that I played during the last two years was Pharaoh/Cleopatra. I bought the game in early August 2000. After playing for a couple of weeks, I went to the Internet looking for answers to some of my questions. I found Pharaoh Heaven, became a member, and posted my first question on August 17, 2000. My question was quickly answered by another member named Merepatra (not Angel Merepatra or Cherub Merepatra, just Forum Member Merepatra back then).

I asked a lot more questions, and received expert advice from many other members, especially from a Cherub named Brugle. The forums were very friendly, and I made a lot of friends. I was late to the game, and having never played Caesar, I had some catching up to do. Finally, I learned enough to offer advice to new members and have been doing so ever since.

I was absolutely thrilled when I was chosen to Beta Test Emperor. The staff at Breakaway Games was talented, responsive and great to work with. They assembled a great team of Beta Testers as well. It was a wonderful experience.

City building is not merely a game for me. I am an Architect living in Springfield, Missouri, USA. I have five children ranging in age from fourteen to twenty-four (two boys, 3 girls), six grandchildren (5 boys, 1 girl) and a wonderful wife who allows me to play computer games until the wee hours of the morning.

Angel Gweilo
Moderator, Content Contributor, and Campaign Designer
EMail: rebl@swbell.net

I also reside in Houston, Texas, USA. My special areas of interest are Chinese history, and custom campaign design.

Part of my love for Emperor is personal. I have family living in China and have been fortunate enough to travel in China with my wife.

In addition to computer games, my hobbies include travel, fitness, reading, and history.

and Norahs2000 for her valiant work on the images.

And a very special thanks goes to the former staff: GillB, Gustavia, bobT, homegrown, Merepatra, shaun1, and Rocky. Without them this site would not be the same.