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Glyphy for Emperor

The Emperor Heaven Housing Layout builder script.

This script is adapted from the original Glyphy 1.1 by Crassus Pauper, a 'lost' Caesar 3 forum regular.


Angel Jayhawk



How does it work?
Type in the items in the Character-Input text area



Click on the button labeled "Local Dir"
Click on the button labeled "Image"
See Legend for all supported glyphs and the assigned characters.
Note the image directory must be set to Local Dir.
If you want to save your work, cut and paste your character input into a text file
The script scans from top/left to bottom/right, therefore the following two inputs will produce the same output:



How do I get it into the forum?
Click on the Forum Directory button ("Forum-Dir")
Generate HTML-Code with HTML-Code
Cut the code from the Code-Output text area ([CTRL]+[A] then [CTRL]+[C]) and paste it into your post ([Ctrl]+[V]).

City walls ('t') will form a real looking wall even while it seems only one glyph is used. The same holds true for residential walls ('-'). Gates need to be handled seperately, the script will not add a gate when a wall crosses a road..
Irrigation ditches ('_') use the same algorithm as walls. The little bridge is not there and should be represented by a plain road tile.
Bridges should be made using city walls ('t').
All water facing buildings (ferries, fisheries, wharvers, etc) will, by default, face East or South. Other directions can be obtained by changing the last letter on the GIF: s - South, w - West, n - North, e - East.
The size is restricted to 40 rows by 50 columns

General Legend

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