Glyphy for Emperor

The Emperor Heaven Housing Layout builder script.

This script is adapted from the original Glyphy 1.1 by Crassus Pauper, a ‘lost’ Caesar 3 forum regular.

Angel Jayhawk


How does it work?

  • Type in the items in the Character-Input text area
  • Click on the button labeled “Local Dir”
  • Click on the button labeled “Image”
  • See Legend for all supported glyphs and the assigned characters. Note the image directory must be set to Local Dir.
  • If you want to save your work, cut and paste your character input into a text file
  • The script scans from top/left to bottom/right, therefore the following two inputs will produce the same output:


How do I get it into the forum?

  • Click on the Forum Directory button (“Forum-Dir”)
  • Generate HTML-Code with HTML-Code
  • Cut the code from the Code-Output text area ([CTRL]+[A] then [CTRL]+[C]) and paste it into your post ([Ctrl]+[V]).


  • City walls (‘t’) will form a real looking wall even while it seems only one glyph is used. The same holds true for residential walls (‘-‘). Gates need to be handled seperately, the script will not add a gate when a wall crosses a road..
  • Irrigation ditches (‘_’) use the same algorithm as walls. The little bridge is not there and should be represented by a plain road tile.
  • Bridges should be made using city walls (‘t’).
  • All water facing buildings (ferries, fisheries, wharvers, etc) will, by default, face East or South. Other directions can be obtained by changing the last letter on the GIF: s – South, w – West, n – North, e – East.
  • The size is restricted to 40 rows by 50 columns

General Legend