Jin Wudi campaign – Normal difficulty

by JimMRooney

For almost fifty years, three kingdoms fought to control the remnants of the Han empire. But neither the ruthless Cao Cao, the loyal Liu Bei, nor the brave Sun Quan was able to reunite China into a single empire. Can you manage it when these heroes of the Three Kingdoms period could not?

The Jin Wudi campaign consists of 3 missions. Although it sounds as if it is supposed to be a military campaign, partly because of my style of play and also the small number of cities on the map, I found it more a challenge in city layout with limited funds and resources than a test of military prowess (at least on Normal difficulty). I was never invaded and only sent my army out once, to meet a mission goal. With advance planning, I found the missions to pass very quickly.

My game play tends to be on the peaceful side. I spend a great deal of time planning out my city before I place a single thing. I usually have a medium sized military, but only as a deterrent to others attacking. If possible, I will give in to demands for goods. With the exception of trade-only cities and the Xiongnu, I usually give yearly gifts to all cities on the map after the first few startup years. The Xiongnu and any obviously hostile cities will get a spy sabotaging their military. I tend to surround my cities with walls and towers, particularly if I know I’ll return to them in a later mission.

My walkthroughs are fairly detailed with specifics on resources available, an overall run through of how I played the mission, and the major events that occurred during it. I have given my final time and how I met the mission goals for you to compare yours to (and hopefully surpass).