Turbulent Winds

by Gustavia

When a ruler does not retain the Mandate from Heaven, the reign will surely end. Thus it is that the mighty family of Zhou has been victorious in battle, and now rules supreme over the fertile valleys and rough peaks of the Yellow River basin. Truth be known: though the Shang people left us much painstakingly crafted bronzeware, their rulers lost their heavenly madate. It is now time for change and progress — and time for the Zhou!

The seven moderately difficult missions of the Zhou Dynasty (1045-256 BCE) span the relatively peaceful “Western Zhou” period, as well as the more chaotic “Eastern Zhou”. Three monuments are constructed, including an earthen section of the Great Wall. The first mission on an arid map is played, and iron weapons are introduced near the end of this campaign. The first disasters help to make these missions more challenging.

My walkthroughs are fairly detailed with ideas for layout and strategy. If you are an experienced City Builder, you probably don’t need a guide, but new players sometimes need some ideas about how to get started. Sometimes it helps to know what to do first, how many farms to build, or what to expect. The military is always minimized, I don’t really like to fight and no cities are conquered unless it is a mission goal.